New Jersey Prescription Pads
New Jersey Prescription Pads
NJ Prescription Pads

New Jersey Prescription Pads

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New Jersey Prescription Pads

DRS specializes in NJ prescription pads.
DRS is an Authorized Manufacturer of New Jersey prescription pads

New Jersey Prescription Pads
1 Part - Stock 20 lb. New Jersey Bond
Printed 1 color Black Ink on face.
Up to 3 names and1 numbers per script. Size: 4" x 5-1/2"
100 scripts to a pad.
The Lowest Price Anywhere!
Compare our prices to
Medical Arts Press, Histacount
others on the net and your local printer.
Locally shipped from
New York
Form No. NJP-1 New Jersey Prescription Pads
Prices are for Style A as shown.
(medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, podiatrist) All other styles consult factory.
10 Pads
20 Pads
40 Pads
100 Pads
$ 47.00

DRS is an authorized Supplier of
New Jersey Prescription Pads

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If you are not buying your Style A
(medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, podiatrist)
New Jersey prescription pads from DRS,
then you are probably paying too much.
Maybe way too much.

New Jersey Prescription Pad requirements: All new and repeat orders of New Jersey prescription pads must be
signed by the physician. Multiple names require multiple signatures. Shipment is to the licensed address only. Only one imprinted address allowed on the face of the prescription pad. DEA numbers do not have to be printed but can be replaced by
a rule line for the physician to write in the number. License number and NPI number must be printed.

The State of New Jersey has changed all the prescription pad formats to accommodate the new Federal NPI number.
It is required that the NPI number be on every prescription.
New Jersey prescriptions for laser printers
DRS can manufactures NJ laser prescription forms in any position on 8-1/2"x 11" paper.
All New Jersey Prescription Pads must be numbered. Please give us your starting number or we will start with 100001
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NJ Prescription Pads